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Kitchen extraction cleaning in Cardiff

Without regular cleaning of your ventilation system, you risk insurance claims being rejected, potential non-compliance with UK regulations and severe health issues for your staff. Act now and ensure your kitchen extraction system is regularly cleaned to certify a safe and healthy working environment.

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Unlock proper kitchen Extraction Cleaning For Cardiff Businesses

Extraction cleaning is, by and large, performed in commercial kitchens. In particular where, deep fryers, grills, and whenever cooking methods, on the whole, produce grease. With this in mind, poor maintenance likewise neglects to implement an acceptable level of cleaning. It can pose a fire risk to employees, customers and your business.

The Benefits of Regular Extract Cleaning for Cardiff Businesses

By ensuring your kitchen extraction system is cleaned regularly, you can avoid dangerous situations such as costly insurance claims being rejected and not meeting UK regulations. Protect your business and invest in regular extraction cleaning today.

  • Effortlessly fulfil UK Regulations

    Businesses in the UK must abide by fire safety regulations or face prosecution. employers have a duty of care for their customers and employers. Hiring a specialist to clean your kitchen extraction system helps you meet your obligations.

  • Never again worry about Health & Safety Concerns

    Ultimately, it's crucial to consider the safety and health of employees and customers. Removal of dirt, dust, and other pollutants from the air within a business is our objective. We work with businesses to to determine the best frequency.

  • Avoid costly Rejected insurance Claims

    For businesses in Cardiff, regular extraction cleaning is not only necessary for safety and hygiene standards but also for protecting your insurance policies. Insurance companies eager to lower their liabilities adopted many TR-19 guidelines to reduce their risk of a payout due to fire or health claims.

  • Well respected method of reducing your Fire Risk

    Professional kitchen extraction cleaning services are available to help you meet the TR-19 safety standards. With regular cleanings of your extractors, fan, filters and ductwork, you can rest assured that all necessary steps are being taken. After the cleaning, you will receive a certificate to prove that all safety requirements have been met.

  • You'll be Grateful to have a full report

    Businesses in Cardiff can get their kitchen extraction cleaned, and a report will show you the current state. You'll then be able to make an informed decision on your fire assessment going forward.

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