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Experienced Technicians for Air Duct Cleaning

The cleaning of your HVAC system's ducts can improve the efficiency of your system, reducing the strain on the motor and allowing air to circulate better. Keeping your building clean and healthy is important for everyone who visits or works there regularly.

Allergens can be prevented with air duct cleaning.

The most straightforward way to avoid the risk of fire is to have your commercial ducts professionally cleaned. A properly cleaned duct system prevents bacteria and particulate buildup from spreading, saving your business money.

Healthy indoor atmosphere for staff and customers

Proper ventilation can help eliminate odours and reduce levels of pollutants like dust, mould, smoke and chemicals. Creating a healthy indoor atmosphere is essential for any building, as it helps ensure the occupants' well-being.

Stay compliant with your insurance requirements

Our professional service meets all health and safety requirements. We inspect and get an understanding of the condition of your ductwork before scheduling a cleaning program. Each completed job comes with a detailed report.

Industries we're provided with our duct cleaning service too.

We work directly with clients, building managers or facilities management companies to provide a duct clean certification and improve indoor air quality. Many insurance providers also expect that air vents and ductwork will be cleaned regularly, so it's important to ensure this is done to avoid any penalties.

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  • We can fit access doors for full coverage clean

    Not all ventilation systems are designed with cleaning in mind. Especially older systems. Not all duct cleaners know how to fit access doors, but luckily we do. We'll fit access doors so every inch of your air duct can be properly cleaned - regardless of age or size!

  • Breathe Easy: Meet Your Health & Safety Requirements for Air Ducts

    Businesses must meet UK Health & Safety requirements to ensure the safety of their workers and customers by regularly inspecting air ducts for dirt and debris and cleaning them to remove any pollutants.

  • Avoid insurance declining payouts

    All insurance companies rely on advice derived from the current Law. Among these are the Health and Safety Policy 1992 Rev. 2013 and BS EN 15780:2011, which give recommendations on the measurement of cleanliness. Insurers can refuse a payout if building owners do not follow these regulations.

  • Expert air duct cleaners

    Our team of technicians have achieved National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NAAD) certification, a testament to their expertise and knowledge of the air duct industry. Surpassing health and safety standards, our certified technicians provide confidence to our customers.

  • Update your risk assessment

    Insurance companies will likely expect regular risk assessments and proof of compliance in line with Health and Safety Policies. We provide detailed reports that you can include in your risk assessment.

  • Industry Recognised Accreditations

    We attract clients because of our accreditations and quality of work. We boost complete customer satisfaction. Our association with both CHAS and NAADC gives confidence and builds trust. It’s why many of our clients have stayed with us for years.

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    Frequently asked questions

    We have compiled responses to common enquiries regarding duct cleaning services. If you cannot find an answer to your query, please contact us and we will be more than happy to assist.

    Air duct cleaning involves removing dust and debris from the ductwork of your ventilation system. Take measures to improve air quality and hygiene in your workplace for the health of your employees.

    Our recommendation for commercial air duct cleaning is to be completed annually. With visible mould, dirt, or debris, cleaning more frequently could be beneficial.

    Air duct cleaning can improve indoor air quality, reduce allergies and respiratory problems. Boost the efficiency of your air conditioning system and reduce energy costs.

    We routinely do air duct cleaning using specialised cleaning equipment that removes dust and debris from the ductwork. The cleaning process may also involve damper testing, extract cleaning, and cleaning of air vents and air handling units.

    To determine the cost of air duct cleaning, there are many factors considerations to look at. Such as the size of your system, location, and level of cleaning required. These factors are considered and an inspection of your air ventilation.