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Kitchen extraction cleaning in Bristol

We offer a free inspection of the kitchen extractor for peace of mind that your kitchen is safe from fire. We clean businesses like yours in bristol and the southwest to TR/19 standards.

Sparking clean kitchen extraction

Our service

An adequately maintained extraction system will reduce the risk of fire, satisfy insurance requirements, improve the air quality of the working environment for your staff, adhere to health and safety regulations, and provide a healthier working environment for your team.

Benefits of a clean

Are you in the industry that prepares and cooks the food? Then it would be best to cleanse your kitchen extraction at frequent intervals. A filthy kitchen extraction can lead to a fire, unhealthy working conditions for staff and breaches of health and safety regulations. Our competitive prices mean we are reasonable for all businesses, no matter how small or large they may be.

  • Competitive price

    We pride ourselves on building long-lasting relationships with our clients, so we treat every customer like a VIP. We have the expertise, experience, and innovations that make us industry leaders.

  • Replace broken filters

    Filters are a cost-effective first defence at preventing grease and other debris from entering your ductwork. We see so many filters in total disrepair. Without filters, your fan can quickly get clogged or, worst, not stop working. As part of our service, we do clean your filter, but we can also replace broken filters.

  • Detailed report

    Our detailed report includes before and after pictures of the cleaned ducts, the average grease thickness readings, and a straightforward explanation of the completed work. We offer guidance on keeping your extraction compliant with health and safety legislation.

  • Improved air flow

    Do your kitchen staff complain that your kitchen extractor isn't operating as it once did. Nobody likes working in humid conditions. We often see all sorts in your ductwork, from the blue roll, grease build-up and even a black bag. Once we clear the debris, you and your staff will notice a remarkable difference.

  • Avoid failing your fire safety assessment

    Are you worried about failing a fire safety audit? Or maybe you've been issued a notice to get your kitchen extraction cleaned. Whatever stage you are at, one undeniable truth is that regular maintenance of our kitchen extraction means you'll have confidence that you'll pass any audit—freeing you to focus on what's essential, generating profit.

  • Fit access doors

    It may be surprising that not all kitchen extraction cleaners can fit access doors. Many duct installers, especially older extraction systems, don't consider cleaning. If we can't access any part of the ductwork, we can't clean it.

  • We've made things easy

    We’ve made it easy working with us. You are three steps away from completing a job.

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      We’ll arrange a free inspection at a time and day that suits you and your business.
    • Quality assurance

      Photo’s including a report of completed work plus a 14-day guarantee.

    Industry Recognised Accreditations

    We attract clients because of our accreditations and quality of work. We boost complete customer satisfaction. Our association with both CHAS and NAADC gives confidence and builds trust. It’s why many of our clients have stayed with us for years.

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